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Huskie Robotics Team 3061

We are Team 3061, School District 203's FRC team from Naperville, IL. For 16 years we have been building driven leaders, creative problem solvers, and future innovators.

Welcome to the Home of Huskie Robotics!

Every January, we receive a challenge or “game” from FIRST. From this day, our "Build Season" begins and lasts approx. six weeks. During this time we design, prototype, CAD, fabricate, assemble, program, and create a strategy for our robot based on game rules. Then we’re off to our competitions, where we compete against a variety of teams from all over the world. We have competed in-state, around the country for Regional competitions, and most prominently the First Robotics World Championships in Houston!

incoming freshmEn

Are you a freshman (or any high school student) that may be interested in joining Huskie Robotics and didn't complete the interest form at the Freshman Jamboree? Complete this form, and we will notify you of any summer events and when we start our preseason in the fall. (You must be logged into your district Google account in order to complete the form.)

Our Mission

Huskie Robotics cultivates an environment emphasizing the importance of student leaders, ultimately investing in our members’ personal and professional growth. Through our work in STEM and robotics, we promote innovation, a sustained impact, and the fostering of community outreach on a local and global level. We strive to sustain a team that is an annual model for fellow teams to emulate while inspiring the future leaders & change-sparkers of STEM.

Team Objectives

Maintain and Build Relationships with the Community

We aim to maintain the current relationships, events we organize, and teams we support with the community, sponsors, organizations, etc. and continue to encourage all of our members to become involved in outreach. Additionally, we would like to continue to find new opportunities for the team to engage in events to impact the surrounding and global community. Maintaining and building relationships with the community helps attract potential new members and spread STEM within our community in a way that aligns with FIRST’s Core Values and our own. A measurable way to determine the completion of this objective will be winning the Impact Award at one of our 2024 Regionals or the World Championships.


Strengthen our Robotics Family 

We want to engage people of all skill levels, backgrounds, and interests by making everyone feel welcome. We seek to be inclusive throughout our whole team in order to empower all of our members, bolster our teamwork, and innovatively solve problems through a culmination of unique perspectives. Strengthening our Robotics Family by encouraging member attendance and participation within subteams, maintaining a diverse leadership team, and developing personalized relationships enables us to collaborate efficiently and effectively to achieve our other objectives.


Prepare Team for the Future 

As senior members graduate and new members join, it is necessary to pass down and preserve team knowledge and practices so that our team can be more successful in every subsequent season. We strive to develop the sustainability of our team by preserving institutional knowledge in technical, business, leadership, and project management aspects. We do this by training and certifying new members, holding workshops to teach skills, developing useful resources, and leaving comprehensive notes to create valuable resources that prompt collaboration. We would also like to continue working on large projects outside of the season to gain knowledge as a team that may be useful in the future. By doing so, we increase team longevity and ensure the team’s success in the future.


Become a World Class Robotics team 

As a team competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, the World Championships is the most explicit object of our decisions and efforts as engineers. Aiming to qualify for the 2024 World Championships this season provides an important framework or guide for how we make competitive decisions as a team, and functions as a source of inspiration as we work to produce quality work and galvanize students in their passion for STEM. As a team, we also seek to contribute to the FIRST community by being a member of the Open Alliance and strive to be a sustainable model for other teams to follow.

Detailed Goals

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