Huskie Robotics Chairman's Archive
"The Chairman's Award is the most prestigious award at FIRST, it honors the team that best represents a model for other teams to emulate and best embodies the mission of FIRST."

13 years ago, Huskie Robotics was 5 pups with passion. Now, we stand as a proud pack of 100+ Huskies striving to become future leaders who inspire hearts and minds through our team culture, dedication to uplifting our community, and devotion to STEAM and our FIRST family.

Infinite Recharge
– 2021


12 years ago, Huskie Robotics was 5 pups with a passion; now we are a proud pack of 100+ Huskies striving to become future leaders and inspire hearts and minds through STEAM and FIRST.

Infinite Recharge
– 2020


In just over a decade, Huskie Robotics has expanded from a club of 6 members to a team of 100+ students, 20 mentors and 10 sponsors, spreading the FIRST message and Core Values to thousands of people within our community and beyond. Huskie Robotics has always put an emphasis on core values and this year’s new FIRST Core Values are no exception. They are the lenses through which we focus our efforts.

Deep Space

 - 2019


Huskie Robotics thinks, works, and grows as a pack. In 10 years, we have expanded from a club of just 6 members to a pack of 100 members, 20 mentors, and 11 sponsors. To produce a successful team, individual Huskies must be trained and nurtured so they are ready to compete. Like our namesakes, we are pack-minded, knowledgeable, supportive, outgoing and determined.

Power Up

 - 2018


Team 3061 leads by example. We are dedicated to supporting FLL and therefore live by the same Core Values that we teach to the teams we mentor.

 - 2017


The Iditarod is an Alaskan sled dog race, where the world’s finest huskies and their trainers must cover over a thousand miles in under 2 weeks. Under intense time constraints, teams must learn to cooperate, communicate, and perform. Our strong team leadership helps pull along the newest members of the pack. This is the spirit of Huskie Robotics Team 3061. Together, we compete and we learn. We are not just a robotics team, we are a pack.


 - 2016


Megan sat eating her sandwich as Andrew stood, for the third night in a row, to say, “the robot will definitely be finished tonight!” The whole team rolled their eyes and laughed. The room listened and chewed as different sub-team leads went over the day’s progress, all while glancing at the door waiting for Mr. Rowzee to call seconds so they could get more cookies. Just a normal 6pm dinner for Huskie Robotics, a group of committed, curious, creative students who strive to innovate and inspire. For us, FIRST is more than just a club. It is a lifestyle, and the values it has taught us form the foundation upon which our team is built.

Recycle Rush

 - 2015


FIRST is building the most passionate generation of innovators that the world has ever seen. For us, FIRST is a lifestyle, an outlook, and a mindset, and our message is being embraced by the communities that surround us faster than ever before.

Aerial Assist

 - 2014

FRC_Aerial Assisst.png

Five years ago we were a team of six students and teachers, with an angle-iron robot and a cardboard pit. A lot has changed in five years. We have learned about successes and failures, confidence and community, courage and innovation. Team 3061 has become a community of impassioned experts and students that design, CAD, build, and program like they’re doing exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Perhaps the most valuable lesson we’ve learned is that we need each and every one of these brilliant minds inventing in sync.

Ultimate Ascent

 - 2013

Ultimate Ascent.png