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Huskie Robotics Team History

Welcome to the timeline of Huskie Robotics! Take a look around and learn about how we started and how we've grown to the huge family we are today.

Charged up - 2023

This was another competitive season for Huskie Robotics. We won the Engineering Inspiration Award at the Central Missouri Regional, earning us a $5000 grant from NASA and the opportunity to advance to the World Championship in Houston! We were also awarded the Innovation in Control Award at the Midwest Regional. At the World Championship, we became a member of the 7th-seeded alliance in the Archimedes Division. 

Rapid React
 - 2022

This was perhaps the most competitive year in our team's history. We won the Chairman's Award at the Midwest Regional, which qualified us for the World Championship in Houston. We also won the Excellence in Engineering Award at the Central Illinois Regional. We were semifinalists at both CIR and Midwest. At the World Championship, we advanced to the quarterfinals in the Turing division.

Infinite Recharge 2
 - 2021

While we did make minor changes to Luminara, we primarily focused on other projects, Innovation, and Game Design. We won the Chairman's Award for the state of Illinois! In addition, we won the Concept Award for Game Design in Illinois and was named a top-20 finalist of all Game Design entries! Anaya Kotak was named a Dean's List Finalist. Despite the pandemic and unusual season, we had great success.

Infinite Recharge
 - 2020

This year our robot Luminara reached the quarter finals at the Midwest Regional. The rest of our season was cancelled due to the pandemic. Jasmine Zhang was named a Dean's List Award winner at Championship!

Deep Space

 - 2019

This year our robot Clementine reached the quarter finals and won the Judges’ Award at the
Midwest Regional. At the Seven Rivers Regional we made it to semifinals and again were awarded the Judges’ Award. We were all proud in ourselves for building a fantastic robot.

Power Up

 - 2018

This year the Huskies perfected their drive train, the swerve drive. The swerve drive and the arm were recognized with the Innovation in Design Award at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional. During the Midwest Regional, we won the Gracious Professionalism award as well. Samus played her best and we had a blast this year.


 - 2017

This year we developed a new drive train, the swerve drive. We won the Judges Award at the Arkansas Rock City Regional. Our media team also made the regional poster for Steamworks! Everyone was proud of Victoria for performing very well this year.


 - 2016

We made it to the quarterfinals at the Arkansas Rock City Regional. We again made it to the quarterfinals at the Midwest Regional, and we won the Quality Award. Brandon John was named a Dean’s List finalist at the Midwest Regional and then won the Dean’s List Award at the World Championships!

Recycle Rush

 - 2015

Our robot, named Bonnie, had omni drive, and was able to stack boxes and place trash cans on top. At the Midwest Regional, we won the Gracious Professionalism award for the third time in four years.

Aerial Assist

 - 2014

We went to the Lake Superior regional in Duluth, Minnesota, and there we were able to make it to the quarterfinals, but lost in the semi-finals. At the Midwest regional,we also put on a good showing, making it to the elimination matches as an alliance captain but also lost. We won Gracious Professionalism for the second time in three years, and Arpan Rau, one of our mechanical
leads, received the Dean’s list Award.

Ultimate Ascent

 - 2013

Team 3061 had a spectacular 2013 season with our robot, Sally. We took it a step further into robotics competitions this year by qualifying for and ranking 41 at World Championships. The team competed in the Northern Lights Regional and the Midwest Regional, winning at Northern Lights and ranking 7th at Midwest. This was a big year for the Huskies!

Rebound Rumble

 - 2012

We officially became Huskie Robotics (previously “The Federation”), and our robot Lucy, competed in the Lake Superior and Midwest Regional, ranking 38 and 10 respectively. This season was one of our best seasons yet. Members spent a considerable time helping a team with only one student and one mentor present, get their robot through inspection and on the field and put on another team’s shirt so that they could compete for them and field a full team, earning the Gracious Professionalism Award.

Logo Motion

 - 2011

With our Robot Steve, we placed 37th at our Midwest Regional competition. Still, Steve fought hard and gave it his all giving the opposing alliance a tough time. Our minibot, Stella, on the other hand, was promising and could climb the pole. When the end games began, Steve was unable to successfully deploy Stella and she never had the opportunity to climb. All in all, everyone had fun, and developed the motivation to do better the next year.


 - 2010

This year, with our robot Sarek, we were able to reach the quarterfinals (teamed with Team 2338, Gear it Forward, and Team 2769 Robots in Motion,) in the Midwest Regional. We ranked 8th overall in the whole competition. Sarek was able to move around and score. Something that’s pretty amazing was that during this competition, we did not have any scouting done. All we had was a team member sitting in the audience analyzing
different teams.


 - 2009

This year was a successful debut for the "Orange Monsters." During matches, our robot Stella did not score any points at all with our only points scored ever at regionals were from the human player tossing a ball into the opposing team’s trailer. But our robot moved, something many rookie teams do not achieve. It may not sound as exciting, but to us it was momentous. Built out of angle-iron Had built in propellers that went at high speeds to blow away the opposing team’s balls. 

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